11 promoted to Senior Superintendent, 21 to Superintendent


Among the 97 senior police officers promoted for this year, 11 were elevated to the rank of senior superintendent and 21 were promoted to superintendent.

Seniors ranks finally received a promotion after two years.

Among those promoted to Senior Superintendent are Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram, Regions, 2, 6, 7 and 10 Commanders, Shivpersaud Bacchus, Boodnarine Persaud, Dion Moore and Hugh Winter.

See below the ranks who were promoted from Superintendent to Senior Superintendent:

K Mandall
M Singh
Dion Moore
Shivpersaud Bacchus
Boodnarine Persaud
Ramesh Ashram
Hugh Winter
Raphael Rose
Jermaine Johnson
M Sawh
A Das
A total of 21 ranks were promoted to the rank of Superintendents of Police.
From Deputy Superintendent;
M Taylor
R Stanley
D Ruplall
L Halley-Smith
From Woman Deputy Superintendent;
T Williams
From Deputy Superintendent;
R Kishun
From Assistant Superintendents and Woman Assistant Superintendents;
S Herbert
S Telford
K Ramana
K Shivbarran
C Singh
B Persaud
Mahadeo Singh
S Daniels
K Das
M Joseph
B Lowenfield
M Ceasar

And from inspector;
P Narine

See below the list of other ranks who were promoted:

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Everybody is being promoted but no one is being held responsible for the Mayhem in Mon Repos.
    Donald Trump told a lot of lies but he was spot on when he described countries like Guyana as a shithole country.
    Indians are being betrayed and I have a theory about why which I’ll say later.

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