Two injured in fight about ‘changing money’ at bus park


Twenty-eight- year-old bus conductor, Colin Cumberbatch and Sherwin Ariwa, 56, a vendor, sustained injuries on Sunday in a fight about ‘changing money.’

Police Headquarters reported that at about 11:00hrs on Sunday, Ariwa went to the route 42 bus park in Georgetown and inquired about changing a $5,000 bill when Cumberbatch told him to move from near the bus.

An argument then ensued which further escalated into a scuffle during which Ariwa armed himself with a beer bottle and lashed Cumberbatch to his forehead.

Cumberbatch then stabbed Ariwa to his left side abdomen and left hand with a pair of scissors.

By this time, the police were called in and upon arrival at the scene, the rank observed that Cumberbatch was armed with the scissors and Ariwa a beer bottle.

Police said both men were warned to desist from fighting and while Ariwa dropped the beer bottle, Cumberbatch continued to argue and went to a nearby shop, armed himself with a cutlass and “rushed towards [Ariwa] saying that he is going to kill him.”

As a result, the police rank pulled out his service weapon and discharged a round in the air. After Cumberbatch continued to charge towards Ariwa with the cutlass, the police rank discharged another round which hit Cumberbatch in his left foot.

The ambulance service at the Central Fire Station was summoned and both men were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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