Scores of Guyanese facing flight cancellations with Surinam Airways


While some Guyanese booked to travel with Surinam Airways have either been placed on other airlines or refunded by the carrier, others facing flight cancellations for more than a week now have said that those accommodations have not been forthcoming.

Scores of passengers were left stranded in June because an aircraft used by the airline never left the country as a consequence of maintenance lapses.

A senior staff with Surinam Airways told the News Room on Tuesday that because the aircraft is a United States-registered plane, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not authorise its departure from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

The aircraft was subsequently ferried out but by this time the airline was dealing with scores of passengers who were now left stranded.

The initial cancellation had a domino effect with flights up to the end of this week also cancelled.

The airline employee told the News Room that Surinam Airways had rebooked those passengers on other airlines such as Caribbean Airlines while others opted for a refund.

But the News Room was informed that only applied to passengers who booked directly with the airline. Those who booked through travel agents were told to go back to the travel agents to be rebooked or refunded.

That is easier said than done, one travel agent has said; reasoning that it cannot be done without a refund from the airline.

The airline employee could not provide details on when the situation will be resolved or the specific number of passengers affected.

A response from the airline’s corporate office, as promised, has also not been forthcoming.

Officials at the CJIA said they are monitoring the situation and are in constant talks with Surinam Airways.


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