Record-breaking Senna Summerbell eyes return to Guyana


By Akeem Greene

Jamaican Radical driver Senna Summerbell recently set a new lap record at Dover Raceway in Jamaica by clocking one minute, 15.433 seconds (1:15.433s) to erase the previous best of 1:15.767 seconds, set by Kyle Gregg in August 2019.

It’s more than a coincidence that the record was also held by his father, David, who first accomplished the feat of 1:17.735s in May 2012 during the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. David later lowered it to 1:16.4s in 2019 with the Radical until Gregg went faster.

Senna Summerbell is hoping to race his Radical in Guyana at the upcoming November race meet

After a visit for karting at GT Motorsports in October 2017, Senna is hoping he can return to these shores for the big November 12-13 race meet at the South Dakota Circuit.

“I have been to Guyana once [and] while in Guyana I had an exceptional experience with the culture and people in Guyana. I realised the Motorsport culture there is just as big as or even bigger than Jamaicans. Everyone is driving a supped-up car and at the Go-kart event there were the most people I had ever seen,” he told News Room Sport in a recent interview.

“Last time I was in Guyana I won my class, so hopefully in November, if I am there, I will try to replicate it, just this time I’m (in) the Radicals.”

Reflecting on his record-breaking achievement, the young Summerbell reminisced on his father’s passion for racing as he recollected that “one thing that I knew was very important to my dad was the Dover Raceway Lap record. It used to be a rivalry between the Evolution of my dad and the Audi of Doug Gore. Whenever Dad would set the lap record it would make me tremendously happy as I could say my dad has the fastest lap on the track ever out of the millions of people who have driven on it.”

Senna has dedicated the new accomplishment to his dad. The young driver now adjusts his focus to the Caribbean Radical Cup in Barbados from July 9-10, where Guyanese Kristian Jeffrey will also be competing.

“This is a great opportunity for me to put my small country Jamaica on the racing map again. I want to follow in my father’s footsteps and one day, maybe even surpass his record of the most Caribbean championships”, the 20-year-old expressed.

Barbados’ 18-year-old prodigy Zane Maloney is now an F3 driver and Summerbell sees it is an inspiration, and he also has ambitions of racing at a higher level, but needs support.

“If given the opportunity, I would like to end up in Le Mans or a very well know race. As you know racing is the most expensive sport on earth, and I’m looking for the right sponsorship to come on board with me for a Le Mans test planned very soon.”

With a bloodline in racing, Senna said the feel of racing is addictive and the jubilation of winning any race is one unmatched by anything.

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