Witness says ‘police was just doing their job’ when 21-Y-O man was shot


Kwame Boyce Jnr., who was shot by a police rank last Thursday following an alleged armed robbery, attempted to escape from the police. The incident occurred at Plaza Bridge, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown just after 16:00hrs.

An eyewitness who works in the area told the News Room that he was walking on the road when he saw several ranks on motorcycles speeding, eventually stopping at the entrance of Plaza Bridge. There they intercepted a highly tinted black motorcar. Kwame had told relatives that he was liming with friends in a car at Rasville, Georgetown when he was shot.

“The police stopped in front of the car and tried to signal the guys to exit the car and the two-back door for the black car opened up in a slow manner. The windows were up, no one could have seen who was inside the car (as) it was tinted and I heard gunshots.”

“The police tried not to act with too much force, I saw it with my own eyes. Although I don’t like police, they were doing their jobs,” the witness told the News Room.

A snippet from a video following the shooting of 21-year-old Kwame Boyce Jnr

The witness further related that he observed Kwame exiting the car and running away when he was shot. After he heard gunshots, the witness said he ran for cover and could not say who first fired.

“I cannot say if the guys in the car first fired shots at the police but gunshots were going off so I had to move away.”
The witness added that earlier in the day he noticed the car circling the area. Three other men who were inside the vehicle managed to escape but the driver of the car was arrested.

Meanwhile, when contacted on Friday, Kwame’s aunt Karen Yearwood said her nephew told her he was in a taxi when the police opened fire on them.

“My nephew is not a criminal,” Yearwood said as she contends that Kwame does not get involved in criminal activity.
Kwame of Back Circle, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown was shot to his shoulder and chest area resulting in his lungs being damaged.

It must be noted that the Guyana Police Force did not release any details of the robbery or shooting.

But, Regional Commander Simon McBean told the News Room that the young man was shot during a high-speed chase following an armed robbery.

“…they were involved in a robbery, he was involved in a robbery; there was a big Police chase and he was shot,” Commander McBean said.

Kwame underwent emergency surgery and spent six days in the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He remains hospitalised.

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