Bladen Hall youth succumbs days after stabbing at ECD bar


The relatives of a 21-year-old man who was stabbed last Friday and subsequently died three days later, are blaming the police for not helping to capture the man who inflicted the deadly blow.

Dead is Krishna Maniram of Lot 119 Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara (ECD), who succumbed to several stab wounds on Monday afternoon, according to his sister, Denita Maniram. Krishna was stabbed on July 8 between 23:00hrs and midnight.

Denita told the News Room on Friday that the police are yet to apprehend the man who stabbed her brother.

She explained that last Friday, her brother, who was an audit clerk at National Hardware, went with three friends to the S&S bar located at Mon Repos, where they were drinking.

She said he went after work since the next day was a holiday. While there, an argument between one of the friends and a man ended with Krishna being stabbed.

“The friend and he go in the bar and two [friends] stay outside. The friend had some argument with a guy inside the bar and my brother jump in because is he friend,” Denita said.

She added that the fight started because the friend was watching the man [perpetrator] and the man became annoyed.

According to information she has received, the man broke a bottle and stabbed her brother, but others say he used a knife.

Denita said she received a call during the wee hours of Saturday and was told of what transpired.

She said her brother was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital after his friends saw him bleeding from a wound to the throat.

Krishna was kept at the hospital until Sunday before he was transferred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital at Liliendaal. During this time, he was not given further treatment, his sister claimed.

She said Krishna’s girlfriend remained in contact with him while he was at the hospital and she subsequently relayed information to her [Denita].

Krishna was supposed to undergo a surgery, but according to what was told to Denita, he was not given the surgery until he was transferred to the Liliendaal hospital.

She said he later tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken the hospital where he eventually succumbed to his injuries on July 11.

“Me ain’t know if they know he get stab and supposed to get treatment for that. They put bare bandage on the stab alone. They didn’t stitch him or do nothing,” the sister claimed.

Denita further said that the police haven’t been very helpful, although the family and bystanders provided information about the identity of the perpetrator.

“Well the police nah tell we back nothing. Them want we do everything. Them nah mek one effort to do nothing

Every time we call them, them ah tell we to find directions, the boy right name. They said they can’t hold wrong person, me get the boy picture and show them and the boy right name, but them nah do nothing,” the frustrated sister said.

According to Denita, Krishna was a nice person who was always friendly. She said it is because he wanted to help his friend that he was injured and subsequently died.

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