Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ cricket programme continues with ‘training of trainers’


The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) is continuing with its practical sessions for teachers in the three counties who have been earmarked to be part of the Cricket West Indies/Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ cricket programme.

“As was done with the in-class interactive session, the earmarked primary schools in Demerara will be the first group of schools to go through the 2022 planned practical exercises geared at introducing teachers to fun related ways in which students can learn the fundamentals of the game,” the GCB said in a press release.

Teachers from Primary Schools in Demerara will participate in the practical sessions on July 14-15 at the GCB’s Cricket Facility in LBI, East Coast Demerara. Similar sessions will be held in Essequibo on July 18-19, and in Berbice on July 21-22.

“The practical sessions will capture aspects of fitness, technical, skill acquisition, game awareness and tactic in a fun-related approach. This fun-related demand is expected to test the creativity of the coaches and teachers involved, as they seek to appropriately feed technical points to players in the required fun-related way,” the GCB release explained.

“Consequently, given the players’ need, teachers under the guidance of coaches will consider the suitable options available to the students to improve. These options will be weighed and tested to ensure that those students involved have the best opportunities to improve their technical prowess in a manner that is safe, is technically sound but supports individuality and is realistic. On completion of the training of teachers to be coaches, the programme activities will transition to the training of students over a five-week period during the July-August school break.”

The inaugural Republic Bank ‘Five for Fun’ cricket programme was launched on June 21, 2022 and involves 75 primary schools across the country.

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