Perpetrator rides to police station after slitting man’s throat


Police in Region Six are investigating an alleged murder which occurred at Main and Kent Street, New Amsterdam on Saturday.

The News Room was informed that after committing the act, the accused rode to the police station and reported what had occurred.

The dead man has been identified Jermaine Elias called ‘Deportee’, a 39-year-old of 43 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Kevin Chesney who witnessed the stabbing told News Room that he was at a Superbet venue on Main and Kent Street, New Amsterdam (public road) betting on games. Elias was also at the location.

The fatal incident took place near this Superbet location in New Amsterdam, Berbice

Chesney said Elias stepped out on the public road and shortly after, the accused who was passing, stopped on his bicycle and an argument between the Elias and the accused ensued.

Chesney said the argument soon turned physical and a third person tried to separate the two. He, however, said “the man that got kill like he didn’t want it done.”

He said Elias then picked up a mop stick and dealt the accused several lashes about his body and in retaliation, the accused pulled out a “grass knife” from the bag he had on him and began to “fire chops.”

One of those chops slashed the throat of Elias, causing him to collapse.

The perpetrator then picked up his bicycle and rode to the Central Police Station where he turned himself over to the police.

The body of Elias was taken to the Arokium Funeral Home where an autopsy is expected to be conducted in the new week.

Police are investigating.

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Looks like self defense to me but Guyana police don’t have the cojones to make a decision like that and let the man go like American police do many, many times. Instead, as Guyana police always do, they’ll send the poor man through the court system, clogging up an already clogged up system, and let a jury find him not guilty- if he is lucky. Because one takes a helluva chance with these many flawed people that Guyana have. Imagine them in a jury- OMG. All the time, maybe years, the poor man will languish in jail and the state will have to fork out millions of dollars by the time it’s all said and done.
    Guyana police= wannabe cops. They don’t know what the heck they’re doing.

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