Cop assaulted with brick by fleeing canter driver


A Lance Corporal stationed at the Den Amstel police station on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) was assaulted by a canter driver and his family on Saturday, moments after he attempted to stop the driver in the vicinity of Anna Catherina , WCD.

Police Headquarters reported that the cop was on traffic patrol duty and at around 18:15 hrs, he observed the driver of a white canter (#GDD 5340) acting in a “suspicious manner.”

The driver was identified as Daniel Singh also known as Anand.

When the officer stopped Singh, he asked him to produce his licence and other documents. But Singh, reportedly, drove away. As such, the officer pursued him on a police motorcycle, going all the way to Singh’s residence in Anna Catherina.

According to the police, when the officer attempted to apprehend the driver, his father and sister reportedly held onto the officer. Singh reportedly picked up a brick and threw it towards the officer, wounding him in the right eye.

The cop was taken to the Leonora Cottage hospital by ranks of the police anti-crime patrol unit. Once examined, he was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital and then to the St. Joseph Mercy hospital where a CT scan was done.

The officer has since been admitted as a patient in the male surgical ward.

The suspect has since been arrested and the canter was taken to Leonora Police Station and lodged. The suspect is slated to be charged this week.

Investigations are ongoing.

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