Man nabbed with gun, ammo during suspected robbery


Police officers on Saturday apprehended a man with a firearm and ammunition in his possession near the railway embankment at Blygezight Gardens, Georgetown.

Police Headquarters reported that two men, clad in dark-coloured clothing, were involved in a scuffle with two women. It appeared as though the women were being robbed.

As such, an officer immediately discharged a round with the intent to stop the men.

Police said one of the men dropped an object onto the ground while the other man and the two women ran away.

The officers then approached the man left behind, observing that the object he dropped was a firearm. The man was arrested; he was later identified as a 29-year-old who lives in B Field, Sophia, Georgetown.

The man was escorted to the Kitty Police Station where the suspected firearm and one round of ammunition were lodged.

An investigation is in progress and efforts are being made to contact the women involved in the suspected robbery.

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