No luck in search for Sophia teen who went missing in Region 7 


It is now a month since 16-year-old Akeem Bissoon of ‘A’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, went missing during Region Seven trip with his uncle Andrew Harlequin. 

Attempts to locate Bissoon started immediately after the report was made but so far investigators have been unable to crack the case.

Region Seven Commander Dion Moore Monday told the News Room that the police are searching relentlessly for the teen. 

He said a team of four police officers went to the location last week and returned to Georgetown on Friday. 

“Ever since we received the report we commenced searching for this young teen but unfortunately we didn’t find him and we didn’t find any trace of him,” the commander said. 

According to the teen’s mother, Jennifer Henry, she found out about her son being missing a day after his disappearance.

 Henry says the police response was slow and although she is aware that the journey is lengthy, she has been pressing the police to continue their search. 

“After he missing, five days after then two police gone in, them search two days and then they left. After that nobody didn’t go back and search. Me and my brother went in, we went to the location, we search two days but we didn’t find no trace,” Henry previously told the News Room.

The teen lived with his aunt and her husband, Harlequin. 

On June 08, Bissoon and Harlequin started their journey to the uncle’s workplace. But due to mechanical issues with their vehicle, they stopped at an airstrip in Region Seven. 

Then on June 14, according to claims by the uncle, the teen disappeared at around 17:00 hrs. 

Initially, Harlequin told Henry that he was cooking fish and when he turned around he didn’t see the teen. 

However, he told the police they both were at the waterside but Harlequin left to take the fish back to their camp. When he returned the teen was missing, he claimed. 

Harlequin was held by the Police for questioning but was released. 

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