Suriname protest gets grimmer, protesters want to storm Cabinet


(Suriname Herald) Protests against the policies of the Santokhi government are getting grim. At the Office of the President, protesters just tried to enter the grounds of the Office of the President. They were stopped by presidential security.

There is a huge crowd at both the Office of the President and the Independence Square. The people are very heated. One chants “Down with Chan!”.

Dissatisfied citizens demand that the government inform the people about many things that are unclear. People are tired of all the scandals. From the receipt scam to the various positions held by the first lady and for which the statutes of Staatsolie had to be changed.

There is also dissatisfaction with the appointment policy whereby friends and family are given positions. People are also tired of promises not being kept. People are tired of the ever rising prices of products in the shops, petrol, utilities and house rent.

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  1. Dicksonrp says

    It’s strange that these people were not 0rotesting when the corrupt former govt was in power and lots of them were unemployed and starving. Looking at the crowd on video, even the blind could see it was a racial protest organised by the opposite side. President must use the state resources to quell the protest, else unset the improvements underway in the country.

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