Police hunting man accused of strangling woman, removing intestines


Two weeks after 55-year-old Nariman Latifan was discovered gruesomely strangled to death with her intestines removed, the Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for the suspect Dexter James also known as Limuel Alphonso.

James, 48, is from Campbelltown, Mahdia, Region Eight. He is also wanted by police for arson and unlawfully wounding someone in September 2021.

The dead woman’s husband, Leland Marshall, is living in fear that the killer would return and harm him. The News Room understands that the couple has been living at Salbura Backdam in Mahdia for several years and did small scale mining.

“Daddy had to left because he can’t stay there, what if the man came back and kill him,” the couple’s daughter, Monalisa, told the News Room.

On July 5, Marshall, 64, went to the Regional Police Headquarters in Mahdia and reported that his wife was missing.

Marshall told police that he left their house at about 11:00hrs on the day in question to “punt for gold.”

After he returned at about 15:00hrs, he called out for his wife and got no response. He then observed her hammock had been cut down and that the house was ransacked.

The News Room understands that investigators found spots of blood on the verandah of the house about 100 yards behind the house the woman’s intestines was discovered.

The next day her body was discovered and she appeared to be badly beaten and strangled.

A post mortem later revealed that she died as a result ligature strangulation, meaning that someone used a rope or cord to strangle her, this was also compounded by blunt trauma to head.

Two metal motor objects were also removed from the woman’s abdomen.

According to Monalisa, her parents rendered assistance to the suspect by giving him shelter; he then left to work with someone and reportedly stole gold from them and returned to her parents’ house for shelter.

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