Farmers to get support for improved livestock in Region Five


Region Five will undergo massive farming development with livestock being the main focus, according to Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha.

At an outreach in the region on Saturday, the Minister said the farmers in the region can expect multiple opportunities for development with diverse crop farming and improving dairy and beef production. Therefore creating multiple avenues of food security.

“Region five has a lot of potential to develop the cattle industry and we will work along with the cattle farmers to develop your stock to ensure you have better stock,” the minister told farmers.

In addition, pig rearing will receive support from the Agriculture ministry for artificial insemination which will create better genetics during breeding. The minister told the farmers that the ministry will start a programme for farmers who rear pigs and want this assistance.

“We have set aside some money for genetics livestock,” he said, “we cannot give you a flock of pigs but we can give you one or two pigs so you can develop your flock…We can do the artificial insemination too, free of cost so that you can get better breedings.”

Mustapha said the government is looking at plans to diversify the cash crop production in the country. He noted that corn and soya production commenced last year. He said in years to come the government hopes to increase this production and expand to other grain production.

“What we are doing, is we want to go into new crops, not only the traditional crops that we normally grow, like the cash crops, the fruits, rice, sugar and cattle rearing, we want to go into new crops that is why what we have we are consolidating and expand,” the minister said.

“As a government, we are not only putting up our hands and waiting for things to happen, you would have known that the President is very passionate about the agriculture sector, although today you see the oil boom, we are seeing also a renewed interest in the agriculture sector,” he said.

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha 

He said, “We recognise for food security the agriculture sector must be developed.”

To this end, the ministry has already embarked on producing wheat in Region Nine. But the minister said that the goal is to have Guyana become the food capital of the Caribbean. In doing so, all aspects of agriculture will need investments.

Further, he reminded that fertilizer will be given to every farmer starting next week. He said the government has noted the increase in price for this product and promised that farmers will be the recipients of a collective $300 million in fertilizer support. This programme will roll out from next week Mustapha said.

Added to that, the minister promised that he will inform other ministers including the Public Works minister about the condition of the roads in the region. Mustapha said it was brought to his attention that the drainage system in Number Four Village is in need of fixing.

“Rest assured that we will work with you, we will help you, and we will work and ease the burden of the Guyanese. Within a week I will make some machines available, we will clear the Number Four dam and those areas that need drainage,” Mustapha said.

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