GUYOIL gifts $100k in sponsorship to Chess team


The Guyana Oil Company Limited (GUYOIL) has made a contribution of G$100,000 to aid Guyana’s FIDE Chess Olympiad team in competing at the 44TH FIDE Chess Olympiad from July 28 to August 10 in Chennai, India.

The team that will compete in India consists of Sasha Shariff, Women’s Champion Pooja Lam, Anaya Lall, Jessica Callender, and Nellisha Johnson in the Women’s event.

CM Taffin Khan, FM Anthony Drayton, Ethan Lee, Loris Nathoo, and Roberto Neto will compete in the Open event.

Among 187 competing National teams in the Open section, Guyana’s team ranks at 152.

Team Captain Davion Mars leads the open team.

On the Women’s side, Guyana’s team led by GM Georg Mohr ranks at 137 among 162 nations.

The Guyana Chess Federation extends their gratitude to GUYOIL for supporting the team as they endeavor to make their country proud in Chennai with aspirations of earning chess titles and increasing Guyana’s international ranking as well.

GUYOIL is Guyana’s largest petroleum distributor, recognized as a market leader in high-quality petroleum products including Super 95 Motor Gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, and Castrol Lubricants.

They also supply JET A-1 fuel to local and international airlines.

GUYOIL imports, stores and distributes petroleum products in wholesale and retail quantities throughout Guyana with a retail distribution network of 56 service stations and industrial storage facilities in all three counties.

The Olympiad team arrived in Chennai on July 27 ahead of the games.

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