More than 100,000 people visited Building Expo


After years, the International Building Expo made its comeback last weekend and according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) Sherwyn Greaves, more than 100,000 people visited over the five days.

Those visitors did not include diplomats, officials and special invitees, the CEO told the News Room. As such, he hailed the expo as a resounding success.

In the coming days, the Housing Ministry will announce how much money it was able to garner from ticket sales and will provide the overall cost of the expo.

The government’s massive ‘Dream Realised’ initiative also formed part of the exhibition and saw about 5,000 people receiving their much-needed housing allocations while 750 titles were distributed.

Greaves said further distribution will continue at the ministry’s Brickdam office as per normal.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal gave this woman her land title at the International Building Expo (Photo: July 23, 2022)

Meanwhile, the Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal said that the costly event was funded by the exhibitors and not by the government.

The expo was hosted at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara and according to Croal, all 356 booth spaces were used entirely.

“This (expo) will now be a routine feature by us.

“You will now have the resumption of the Building Expo and part of our demonstration and future involvement to showcase expos, will take into consideration the President’s ‘Guyana 2030’ announcement,” Croal told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

Guyana 2030 is a bold new plan for development, announced by President Dr. Irfaan Ali at last Friday’s opening of the 2022 International Building Expo.

The President outlined the transformation of the country is tied to the development in key areas. That includes the country’s human resources, sustainably harnessing natural resources, ensuring that people’s standards of living are raised and generally, guaranteeing equitable development.

This Building Expo, he said, is an important illustration of the country’s development pathway.

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