Murder suspect shot dead after killing drinking buddy


A day of drinking ‘high wine’ between two friends ended tragically as they both died at Peady Machie Backdam in the Cuyuni River on Wednesday.

Gold miner, Andre Williams known as ‘Roy’, of Lethem, Region Nine was chopped to death by his drinking partner, Ryan Singh of the Pomeroon River.

Singh, after committing the act, attempted to escape but was shot dead by a Supernumerary Constable identified as Chevez Andrews who is employed by Hopkinson Mining Inc.

According to Police Headquarters, Williams and Singh were drinking ‘high wine’ at Peady Machie Backdam when they got into an argument at around 09:00hrs.

Police said Singh, who was armed with a cutlass, chopped Williams multiple times – thrice to his head, thrice to his right shoulder and once to the lower back.

Singh then tried to run away from the scene but was pursued by Andrews and another man identified as Avondale Glan.

According to the police, Singh was confronted by the two men and he reportedly attacked Andrews with the cutlass when he was shot to the upper back and right thigh.

Police said Andrews was armed with an AR15 rifle.

Both bodies were subsequently escorted to Bartica, while Andrews is in police custody assisting with the investigation.

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