Residents laud new Lima Sands road


Residents of Lima Sands, Region Two (Pomeroon – Supenaam) have expressed satisfaction with the construction of a new asphaltic road in the community.

The multi-year project will see the construction of some 3,000 metres of carriageway being constructed with the first of several phases recently completed and work underway on the second phase.

During a recent interview with the News Room, Regional Chairperman Vilma DaSilva explained that the locality is home to approximately 3,000 residents in addition to farmers whose farmlands are based in the area.

“It was just loom and sand road and with the heavy rain it was very inconvenient for persons to traverse here,” DaSilva said.

So far, some 900 metres of the project is complete in phase one of the project being executed by S Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc at a cost of $135 million.

Regional Chairman, Region Two (Pomeroon – Supenaam) Vilma DaSilva [Photo: News Room/July 28, 2022]
The thoroughfare is composed of 12 inches of loom used on the sub-base followed by six inches of crush and run as the base and two inches of asphalt which makes up the finishing level, regional roads and bridges engineer Mohammed Juma told the News Room.

Phase two of the project is being undertaken by United Contracting Service at a cost of approximately $94 million. Works on this phase commenced on April 28, 2022 and is scheduled to conclude on August 27, 2022.

The second phase will see some 600 metres of road with a concrete drain being constructed using with same materials to match the first phase.

“Currently we already completed 50 percent of the work which is the concrete drain and we have almost completed the subbase. Next week we will have the placement of crush and run,” Juma said.

Works ongoing on phase two of the new Lima Sands road [Photo: News Room/July 28, 2022]
Juma noted that despite inclement weather during the May – June period which caused two to three weeks of work to be put on hold, the project is on schedule for the deadline.

Arva France, a resident of Lima Sands for 22 years expressed gratitude for the new road noting that she is satisfied with the new thoroughfare.

“This road was miserable from before, it was not a nice road but since we get we new government we get we road now,” she said.

Arva France [Photo: News Room/July 28, 2022]
Meanwhile, Camille Ferosa said that the road was always in a deplorable condition when it rains, making it difficult for her grandson to go to school and for her to go to church.

“At least I thank god for the road, it was very bad. It used to have alot of water and I travel with my foot so I couldn’t even go to church because of jumping the water so I’m really happy and glad for this road,” Ferosa said.

Ferosa [Photo: News Room/July 28, 2022]
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