Suspected stolen phones recovered, teen suspects arrested during police raid


On Thursday between 10:00hrs and 17:30hrs, police ranks carried out a raid exercise in Guyhoc, Plum Park and surrounding areas in Georgetown.

During the raid, a 25-year-old vendor of South Sophia was searched and several cell phones suspected to be stolen were found.

He was arrested and escorted to the Turkeyen Police Station pending investigations.

But during another search at Plum Park Sophia, police said three robbery suspects tried to escape aback a wooden shack and were pursued by police which led to two being arrested.

A search was carried out on the house and surroundings where several tablets, cellphones, and other electronics were found – all suspected to be stolen.

The teen suspects and the items were taken to the Turkeyen Police Station.

Meanwhile, at South Sophia when police arrived to carry out another search, they observed a male riding away on a motorcycle.

A search was carried out on his residence where two flat-screen televisions, a stereo set and several other electronics (suspected to be stolen) were retrieved and taken to the Turkeyen Police Station pending further investigations.

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