Two rail cars, record-breaking RX-7 coming for Drag Race meet


Two rail cars are among lots of fast machines expected from Trinidad and Tobago for the international Drag Race Meet on August 21 at the South Dakota Circuit.

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) held a briefing on Tuesday evening, informing of contingents from Suriname and the twin-island republic set to travel to Guyana.

From Trinidad, Sheldon Bissessar, who will drive a larger rail car as compared to Andy Bissessar, along with Kervin Ribeiro with his 1JZ powered 2nd Generation RX-7 stock chassis, which claimed a world record for the fastest Toyota 1JZ Engine in 2017, are headed for the mega showdown.

Thus far, more than 12 competitors from Suriname have been confirmed, and according to President Mahendra ‘Raj’ Boodhoo, that number will grow.

Kervin Ribeiro behind the wheels of the 1JZ-powered 2nd Generation RX-7

Registration closes on August 17, and based on the final number, the club will make a decision on whether it will be a two-day event, but assured, knockout sessions start at noon on August 21.

The club indicated they have spoken to team owners about ensuring their cars are in a reliable state so as not to ‘short-change’ the fans by being unable to run.

According to Boodhoo, the fastest qualifier will be able to choose which lane they want to use.

Additionally, the club indicated they have spoken to team owners about reducing the amount of time it takes to track prep, reducing it to 10-12 minutes.

Also, overcrowding at the launch pad is expected to cease, Boodhoo indicated, noting that stringent protocols will be put in place to limit such an occurrence.

The GMR&SC President indicated they would ensure there are adequate washroom facilities in place. He also asked patrons to abide by the rules in the interest of their own safety.

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