‘You have no right to pay more’ – Edghill advises against paying higher fares


Some public transportation operators have hiked their fares, much to the dismay of scores of people across the country.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill has, however, advised commuters against paying those increased fares.

“Whether it is minibuses, taxis (and) speedboats we have said ‘no, you could only get more if the people want to pay more’.

“We’ve advised the people that they have no right paying more, not at this time,” the Public Works Minister said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Commuters, particularly those travelling in speedboats, have complained of the unilateral price increases from boat operators.

The News Room recently travelled on the Parika to Supenaam route and a fare of $1,500 per person was charged. According to the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), however, this fare should be $1,300.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill during the press conference on Wednesday [Photo: News Room/August 10, 2022]
On social media, commuters have complained of paying $3,000 to travel from Parika to Bartica though MARAD says this fare should be $2,500.

This situation repeats itself across routes with operators complaining that the increased cost of fuel has forced them to hike their prices. MARAD has since advised that operators who do not comply with the standard fare structures will face appropriate disciplinary action.

Importantly though, Edghill countered the operators’ complaint by stating that the government removed the excise tax on fuel and has been subsiding the cost of electricity and water, in a bid to cushion the impact of the global fuel price increase.

As such, he was adamant that the government will not authorise any increase in transportation fares in the short term. Moreover, he explained that commuters, like the operators, are grappling with the increased cost of fuel and other goods.

“It is not an opportune time (to raise fares).

“… we have to be sensitive, we have to be our brother’s keeper,” Edghill said.

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