LED screens to improve traffic along East Bank corridor commissioned


Persons along the East Bank of Demerara corridor will now be able to make more informed decisions pertaining to their travel routes with the commissioning of 18 ft x 10 ft LED screens placed strategically along the route at Houston, Peter’s Hall, and Diamond.

Capitalising on Guyana’s enabling business environment and Information Communication Technology (ICT) strategy, Pixel Guyana Inc., a private company operating in Guyana, now offers members of the public real-time view of traffic via Pixel Guyana’s facebook page.

Speaking at a simple ceremony to commission the screens on Saturday, Pixel Guyana Inc’s Managing Director, Leonard Gildarie noted the enabling business environment created by the PPP/C administration is a positive step for Guyana’s development.

“We are not here to commission a few screens or traffic cameras on the contrary we are here to celebrate a journey. We are here to tell our people that we can do it, once we have the will. We only have to dream and believe as a people and take steps, baby ones at times to make it happen. I am not ashamed to tell you of our mountainous challenges before we arrived here today; we failed, we fell down, we got up, we persevered.”

Pixel Guyana Incorporated, Managing Director Lenoard Gildarie

In lauding the initiative, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar highlighted that Guyana is a destination for investment due to investors’ friendly climate and prudent fiscal management under the PPP/C-led Dr. Irfaan Ali administration.

“This year, Guyana’s economic growth will be somewhere in the vicinity of 57 plus percent. There is nowhere else on Earth that any country is growing at that rate that means that we are a shining spot globally. A few days ago, British airways returned to Guyana, that is an indication of Guyana being an investment destination, a good one. It is a natural progression that we have to make sure that our strategy is crafted in a way to take those opportunities and absorb them into the economy without overheating the economy,” he said.

Additionally, Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud said that this type of solution will provide ease to citizens and reflects Guyanese commitment to supporting the country’s transformational agenda.

“What it signals to me is a commitment to Guyana and that is very important. And this venture demonstrates not only entrepreneurship but a Guyanese looking at ways in which a business solution can be found to a long existing problem.”

Mr. Persaud further challenged more entrepreneurs to become involved in similar initiatives across the country.

“I am quite sure it will move away from the East Bank and go into other areas. I want to challenge the team here to take their services and solutions to other parts of the country as we are a country that is not only growing in one part but we are seeing today we are a country that is growing equally and across the board.” [Extracted and modified from DPI]

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