Rohee hopes to help improve GECOM’s professionalism


Newly appointed Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Clement James Rohee has his ambitions set on improving professionalism within the electoral body, not only in its composition but also in the conduct of the execution of its mandate.

“Professionalism in GECOM, as it is in any institution, has to do with good governance and democracy and is extremely important and I would want to help to make a contribution,” Rohee said at his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday held at the Office of the President in Georgetown.

Rohee stressed that it is of utmost importance for the staff, especially those on the ground on elections day, to be professional in the conduct of their activities and in their attitude towards people as certain perceptions tend to emerge at polling stations.

Newly appointed Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Clement James Rohee (left) and President Dr. Irfaan Ali and the swearing in ceremony on Tuesday. (Photo: News Room/August 16, 2022)

“On the ground, it’s the staff that represents GECOM; the GECOM official is the public face of how people perceive elections in Guyana that’s where I hope to make a contribution as well,” he said.

When questioned by reporters about whether he is referring to the ethnic make-up of the secretariat, Rohee said “I’m speaking fundamentally about the professional face of GECOM it doesn’t necessarily mean the ethnic composition.”

“The fact is they all have to present a professional face to the public not only in terms of image but also in terms of what they do in terms of the concrete activities in the public domain,” he said.

The long-time politician and former Home Affairs Minister said he considers his role as an “extremely important” one as elections, the conduct of same, and the principles on which they held in a democracy are extremely important.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali (centre) and newly appointed Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Clement James Rohee (fourth from left) flanked by ministers of government and officials of the commission. (Photo: News Room/August 16, 2022)

Offering brief congratulatory remarks, President Dr. Irfaan Ali posited that he is sure Rohee’s vast experience will bring great value to the work of the commission, will help to strengthen the commission, and will benefit the country as a whole.

President Ali highlighted that his government believes strongly in democracy and will spare no effort in supporting and advancing every opportunity that will strengthen democracy, improve adherence to rule of law, respect each other, and respect various outcomes as a result of fulfilling constitutional responsibilities.

“Elections are very important in the life of any country, elections are important for the evolution and development of countries. The will of the people is the most fundamental right that must be respected,” he said.

He told the Chairman of GECOM, Justice (Ret’d) Claudette Singh, and commissioners present at the swearing-in that their work is integral to the country and the country’s development and stability.

“You have my full support in ensuring that you continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of our country and the people and in advancing, securing and promoting democracy,” President Ali said.

Meanwhile, Justice (Ret’d) Singh said that she believes that Rohee will serve well as he has institutional knowledge, and experience and knows politics very well and expects him to contribute in like manner.

Rohee fills the vacant post once occupied by Bibi Shadick who passed away on Saturday last.



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