Regularisation, relocation of Reg. 3 squatters soon


Residents of Communities on the West Coast of Demerara and East Bank Essequibo- Region Three, have been assured that the Ministry is working to resolve all squatting issues in the region and to end all outstanding land ownership issues.

The assurance was given, as Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal met with residents of Plantation Anna Catherina, Uitvlugt/ Stewartville Sideline Dam, Zeelugt Sideline Dam and Tuschen. The series of meetings were held on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 and the Minister was joined by Regional Chairman, Mr. Inshan Ayube, Community Development Director- Mr. Gladwin Charles, Projects Coordinator, Ministry of Public works- Mr. Dennis Ramsingh, other regional officials and a team from the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

The Ministry, through its Community Development and Planning Department, is progressing with the regularisation and relocation process in a number of areas across the country. According to Minister Croal, the relocation and regularization process is a key component of the Government’s overall housing drive. Noting that while there is a zero-tolerance approach for squatting, the Ministry remains committed to fixing the issues by offering persons the opportunity to acquire homes through the right process. He, however, pointed out that even as the Ministry does its part and regularize where possible in some instances persons will have to be relocated as they are hindering key infrastructure development. These developments are necessary for the advancement of the country as a whole, as structures are stalling sea defense works in Region Three.

Minister of Housing Colling Croal engages residents of Region Three

In Anna Catherina, some 43 households have been identified and notified that they will be located, while 19 families will be regularized. For that area, the Block and Occupational Survey has been completed while the plan is expected to be finalized within another two weeks.

Another 82 families who have occupied lots and homes at the Uitvlugt/Stewartville Sideline dam have been informed that by mid-November of this year, the Ministry will proceed with the processing of titles/transport for their properties. For decades, residents have been without ownership documents as the ownership of the land was in question.

Also, relocation has been discussed and an area was identified for 10 families who have taken up residency at Zeelugt Sideline Dam also known as ‘Silk Cotton Tree area’. Similar interventions have been made for families in the Tuschen Sea Defense area.

Meanwhile, people have been encouraged to play their part in addressing the issue by applying to the Ministry and going through the right channel for a house lot or their preferred housing option.

It must be noted that the Ministry remains committed to advancing the process of issuing ownership documents for lands under its purview and regularizing squatters where possible and relocating in instances where it is necessary. [Ministry of Housing and Water press release]


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