Promoting healthier lifestyles: Wellness market set for Sunday


The idea of wellness has been around for quite some time but three final-year students at the University of Guyana have conceptualised a ‘Wellness Market’ encompassing fitness, nutrition and mental health, that they hope can improve the lives of citizens here.

The event which is slated for Sunday, April 21, at Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown (the old Fitness Paradise Gym) will see 20 exhibitors displaying products and offering advice and services for persons interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

“Wellness is very important for everything that you do and longevity and we recognize this importance and so we are excited to introduce an event like this and share this importance with everyone,” one of the students, Kayla Yan said at the official launch of the Wellness Market on Friday at Banks DIH, Thirst Park in Georgetown.

L-R: Jewel Fredericks, Colin King, Shenisa Fredericks, Donald Sinclair, Kimberly Gopaul and Kayla Yan at the launch of the Wellness market (Photo: News Room/August 19, 2022)

The event is being held under the theme: ‘Threats to Wellness’ and will also see presentations by Healthcare International, a local company that designs customised medical plans to ensure employees are mentally and physically healthy.

Health issues such as the non-communicable diseases that threaten both personal and community wellness will be discussed.

“It is open to the public, all of Guyana to come and experience all of our products under wellness,” another student, Jewel Fredericks said.

Banks DIH, the major sponsor for the event will also display their Lounge of Champions where Guyana’s top performers in fitness and strength will be interacting with patrons.

A visiting Suriname delegation is also expected to attend the event.

L-R: Jewel Fredericks, Kimberly Gopaul and Kayla Yan (Photo: News Room/August 19, 2022)

Colin King, Water Beverages Manager at Banks DIH said during brief remarks that they are happy to partner with such an event but called for it to be an annual event lasting about a week.

“We are honoured to be part of this and our only hope is that this event can be an annual one and also it time span of over a week where we get more awareness because the entire world is swinging to more wellness and health in every aspect,” King said.


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