Rotary Club of Georgetown donates wheelchairs


In collaboration with the Mohan Thani Foundation, the Rotary Club of Georgetown donated 10 wheelchairs on the 17th August 2022.

Organisations such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres and homes for senior citizens daily interact with many persons who are affected with challenges that limit and or prevent mobility. Wheel chairs are just one form to assist the caregivers in daily routines and help the individual regain some independence.

The Rotary Club of Georrgetown was elated today to bring joy and relief to the lives of Sean Gonsalves and Dale Mckintosh, the Guyana Red Cross and the Palms Geriatric Institute. The club through its collaboration with the Mohan Thani Foundation intends to distribute a total of 75 wheelchairs to various individuals and institutions shortly.

The Rotary Club of Georgetwon has made notable contributions to society such as the construction of the Convalescent Home, construction of water wells in areas such as Old England/Siberia, Coomacka and Kuru Kururu; numerous donations to several organizations throughout the length and breadth of Guyana; food supplies for many senior citizens homes; Christmas gifts to children hospitalized as well as medical equipment to the Georgetown Public Hospital and other institutions; sponsorship of other rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs; several medical outreaches and many other projects over its 63 plus years of humanitarian service in Guyana.

The Mohan Thani Foundation is a non-profit organization which was formed as a tribute to the late Mohan Thani. The organization was founded by his son, Gautam Thani, after his demise in 2014 and has helped numerous families in countless ways, be it through monetary contributions or service. In 2019, the Mohan Thani Foundation started a wheelchair project which provides wheelchairs to individuals who need these and also to organizations and hospitals nationwide. The foundation aspires to develop in time to come, through the provision of new equipment and technologies which would be aimed at enhancing the lives of those in need.

The club will continue to partner with the Mohani Thani Foundation and other organisations to offer “Service above Self” and through the small gestures we will work to see the vision where we  “Imagine Rotary”

The Rotary Club of Georgetown wishes to express its appreciation to all of its sponsors, partners, and volunteers for their generous support over the years which has made their projects and activities successful.


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