GCB makes significant donation of cricket gear to West Dem Association


The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) recently continued its gear distribution exercise with a valuable donation of over $1 million worth of cricket equipment for players in the West Demerara area.

The gear includes the provision of a number of gear bags, bats, batting pads, wicketkeeping pads, balls and stumps.

“The distribution is an integral aspect of the GCB’s Five-Year Strategic plan, which aims to transform Guyana’s cricket structure to one of a highly professionalised culture,” the GCB said in a release on Saturday.

President of the GCB, Bissoondyal Singh, was elated about the donation to the Association.

He remarked that though the West Demerara executives have been in office for less than a year, they have been able to identify a number of talented players who can easily progress to higher levels once given the required supportive cricket programmes.

Singh went on to commend the executives for their enthusiasm and proactive approach to effectively address the administrative and development needs of West Demerara.

President Singh pointed out that the like many Associations and Committees, West Demerara has a wealth of talent, and the Guyana Cricket Board is committed to purposefully assisting this Association.

Singh further commented that “team work is the key to effectively implement and sustain cricket development programmes across the country.”

“These programmes must have the appropriate structures which all affiliate members are a part. Therefore, how well we work together will be important. The GCB has given the West Demerara a subvention for 2022 and will also do so for 2023 along with another provision of gear.”

He added: “Given your commitment shown, the GCB is confident that the West Demerara Cricket Association will be able to solely fund your programmes in the near future. However, we, the GCB executives are very pleased with the cooperative approach being employed by the West Demerara Cricket Association. The GCB wishes that you continue to produce competitive players for our domestic and national tournaments.”

President of West Demerara Cricket Association, Troy Khan, welcomed the donation by the GCB.

“The entire executive of the West Demerara Association as well as the players who are here today, are happy to receive this substantial donation. We believe that it will go a long way in assisting us to effective carried out our coaching education programme. Players gear are needed and a number of players will now have the liberty to use the gear and explore the level of skills they possess in the game.”

President Khan went on to assure the GCB President and Executives that the gears will be accounted for and well utilised. (A Guyana Cricket Board Press Release)

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