Motivated by financial freedom: Kayshell Jennings is Miss Emancipation 2022


First-time pageant participant Kayshell Jennings who hails from Linden, Region Ten is Miss Emancipation 2022.

Jennings was crowned on Sunday when the event was held at the National Cultural Centre.

The 26-year-old medical student says her inspiration was linked to securing the promised scholarship which would relieve her of existing worry to find monthly school fees.

“One of the prizes was a scholarship to study at the Medical University and I was like okay, this makes sense. I am currently paying and if I do this and I win I’ll have an opportunity to have a scholarship and that was one thing that really motivated me.

“I said I think I can do this and I did it!” the reigning queen told the News Room.

With her new title and crown, Jennings intends to inspire other young women of African descent to focus on a greater appreciation for their history and empowering themselves. “No limits, no boundaries, only legacies” is her mantra.

She explained that the Miss Emancipation Pageant uses a strategy of incorporating business ideas that are expected to blossom into a business by the end of the queen’s reign.

Kayshell Jennings decked out in her African printed clothing and a clinical lab coat to portray her link to medicine. (Photo: Miss Emancipation)

“This year, we were tasked with creating a stem business or a business that incorporates stem.”

“It’s a pageant with a difference, it’s not just talking the talk, it’s also walking the talk and at the end of the year I am expected to show where I brought my business from to now,” Jennings said.

Her business – Legacy Consultancy and PR Services – offers assistance to grassroots businesses to become larger enterprises. She explained that it does that by helping these businesses to become marketable, branded and registered.

“Basically like moving businesses from the old age into the 21st century,” she said.

A proud moment for her was during the business pitch when she owned the stage as she spoke passionately about the business. Jennings said that she believes it was at that moment when she took the mic to give her pitch that she won over the judges.

“I advertised my mother’s business Miss Monique’s kitchen and how I plan to take her to the next level. Miss Monique’s makes wonderful plantain chip and chicken foot so we are moving her from the plastic bag age to the containers and people love that!” she said.

Jennings wore a business outfit that was later transformed into her medical attire.

She said, “I think that really sold the audience, like wow this girl got a lot of stuff going on with her. I heard the applause from the crowd.

Kayshell Jennings surrounded by other contestants and pageant organisers (Photo: Miss Emancipation)

Although she entered the pageant with the hope of getting the scholarship, she later discovered that the pageant was more than just an opportunity to win a scholarship. She said there was a lot to learn and she is very happy that she embarked on the journey. Jennings said the other contestants have become friends with her.

Now, she intends to continue medical school successfully on her free scholarship. “I mean with a little ease that I don’t have to think financially, where am I going to get fees from? I’ve been multifaceted but I am aware now that medicine needs a bit more of my undivided attention.”

“I will figure out how to balance the crown and medicine, ensuring that nothing gets left behind.”

Jennings said she believes being in the pageant will leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren to look back on and be proud of.

Her advice for others is “there are no limits to what you can achieve. There is no box.”

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