Team Mohamed’s reclaims record on rain hit day at South Dakota


It took less than 24 hours for Team Mohamed’s to reclaim the quarter-mile record at South Dakota Circuit by lowering it to 7.036 seconds on Sunday.

The feat was achieved by the team’s Pro-Mod, piloted by Clint Satterfield.

For the thousands of fans, that potentially was the main highlight of the day as rain hampered most of the afternoon’s proceedings at the International Drag Racing Meet organised by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club.

Clint Satterfield in all smiles after breaking the record (Photo: News Room/Avidesh Narine)

Team Mohamed’s highly anticipated showdown with Trinidadian Sheldon Bissessar and his Spitzer Dragster did not occur due to the track conditions after the rain.

The decision not to have the race seemed justified after Trinidadian Kervin Ribeiro, with his record-breaking 1JZ powered 2nd Generation RX-7, flipped just after launching in what turned to be the final bit of action.

He escaped unhurt.

The previous day, Bissessar clocked 7.208 seconds to shatter the previous record of 7.501 seconds set by Team Mohamed’s white GT-R in March 2021.

Speaking to News Room Sport, Satterfield expressed delight in accomplishing the feat and wanted to return for the mega showdown, but the rain made such a race unsafe.

Additionally, he looks forward to returning to Guyana to dip below the seven-second mark.

The record is back with Team Mohamed’s (Photo: News Room/Avidesh Narine)

News Room Sport will provide details on the other classes that were completed when those official results become available.

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