$1.4B adds value to Albouystown with major beautification of Independence Boulevard


A $1.4 billion Albouystown beautification project was officially launched on Monday, bringing residents together who applauded the government initiative and agreed to offer their full cooperation to ensure the project is realised.

To be executed in phases, the project was launched by Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill.

The minister said the focus is on the beautification of Independence Boulevard popularly known as ‘Punt Trench Dam’ in Albouystown. It is important to note that the $1.4 billion is inclusive of the upgrading of Cemetery Road to a four-lane road.

Edghill pointed out that the project will bring value to Albouystown and surrounding communities and forms part of wider plans to modernise and transform Georgetown.

“People used to frighten to drive through Albouystown and people will start liming in here now, people who did not want to buy property in here are going to come in and start buying property and developing businesses,” Edghill said.

Phase one of the project (Saffon Street to Penitence Street) will be executed by Rim Construction Inc, Phase two (Penitence Street to Garnett Street) was awarded to IB Contracting and Machinery Rental and phase three (Garnett Street to Cemetery Road) will be done by CLL Contracting Inc.

All of the contractors were told by Edghill that they must engage the residents and employ persons from the community.

“While we are developing and enhancing the area, people from the area must get work,” Edghill stated.

The project entails a double-lane carriageway on the northern side and a single-lane carriageway on the southern side of Independence Boulevard.

Between the carriageways, there will be a promenade with lights and benches installed. Additionally, on both sides of the road concrete drains will be installed.

Meanwhile, Edghill urged residents to offer their full support and cooperation during the execution of the project. The minister further added that the bill of quantities will also be shared with residents in the area so that they can monitor the project and ensure good quality work is produced.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill speaking to residents during the project’s launch [Photo: Ministry of Public Works/ August 22, 2022}
“Why we are doing this? Because we believe in transparency, when you doing something, we tell the people what we are doing and give them the paper so the people can check to see if we are doing what we said we will do,” Edghill related.

In order for the project to be executed, persons who have taken up residence on the government’s reserve will be relocated.

“Independence Boulevard is a government reserve and the government did not give anybody any permission to construct anything on the reserve, so whoever get structure, I am giving public notice that you got to start moving, when I stand up on Saffon street I must see all the way to Cemetery Road.”

Edghill also pointed out that derelict vehicles must also be removed.

“We are making this community attractive so that your property value will go up,” Edghill said.

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