Taxi driver caught with illegal gun says he bought it for his protection


A 38-year-old taxi driver of ‘B’ Field, Sophia, Georgetown was arrested on Tuesday after he was caught by police ranks with an unlicensed .38 revolver, five matching rounds of ammunition and a spent shell.

The ranks who were acting on intel, went to Norton Street and Mandela Avenue at about 06:30hrs where they intercepted a white Toyota 212 motorcar (HB 9112) driven by the taxi driver and along with two occupants.

A search was conducted on the driver which led to the discovery of the revolver and the matching rounds.

The man, when asked if he was a licensed firearm holder said no. After the taxi driver was told of the offence committed and cautioned, he reportedly told the ranks that he bought the firearm in the interior for his protection.

The man was arrested and escorted along with the motorcar to the East La Penitence Police Station.

He remains in custody as investigations continue.

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