Drug addict, 57, gets four-month jail for stealing car mirrors


A 57-year-old vagrant was on Thursday sentenced to four-month imprisonment after he confessed to stealing rearview mirrors to support his drug addiction.

Raymond Mohammed, who is no stranger to the police, appeared before City Magistrate Annette Singh on two simple larceny charges.

Particulars of the first charge alleged that Mohammed on August 23, 2022, at Thomas Land, Georgetown, stole two rearview mirrors, valued $80,000, the property of Monica Sharma.

The second charge alleged that Mohammed, on May 10, 2022, at Quamina Street, Georgetown, stole two vehicle rearview mirrors, valued G$30,000, the property of Cash City Inc.

The unrepresented man pleaded guilty to the two charges.

“I does do drugs to ease meh head…I is a drug addict,” Mohammed told the Magistrate as he explained that he sells the stolen items to support his addiction.

Mohammed further told the court that he lives in a “drug yard” located at Charlotte Street.

The police prosecutor told the court that Mohammed is known for stealing vehicle mirrors and is no stranger to the courts.

Magistrate Singh told Mohammed that his actions were wrong and that he needed to reform himself.

As such, he was sentenced to serve two months on each charge. Mohammed, who was in high spirits after hearing the verdict, thanked the Magistrate for her leniency.

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