FIFA delivers five-day referee training course in Guyana


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Refereeing Department has successfully completed the facilitation of a FIFA member association training course for its match officials at the National Training Centre.

The standard five-day course, led by FIFA Referee Development Officer Javier Santos, is part of the world governing body’s regular activities to support the capacity building of referees worldwide in order to maintain standards in the officiating of matches.

Referees and assistant referees from across the country were put through their paces by the FIFA team, including theoretical classroom and practical field sessions, as well as fitness conditioning.

“We have seen a very good attitude from the referees,” Santos said. “They were very enthusiastic. Every time we visit this country, we have seen a good improvement.”

The standard week-long FIFA course involved intensive physical training

The course offered an opportunity to update referees on the latest interpretation and changes to the Laws of the Game, and focused on areas such as handball, offside and penalty decisions.

“Training is important – it is ongoing and it never stops,” said GFF Executive Committee member and Head of Refereeing Dion Inniss. “We always have to be reminded of the fundamentals and the foundations of what we do.”

First time attendee Selena Persaud, an assistant referee from Region Seven, said the course was “very interactive and informative.”

“I’ve learned a lot, as everyone did,” she said. “It has shown me that there is room for improvement, and it was a great experience.” (GFF)

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