Illegal to erect signs, place concrete blocks on public roadways– Traffic Chief


Erecting signs or placing concrete blocks on the roadways in front of one’s property to prevent persons from parking is illegal and Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephens is urging persons to report such occurrences to the Traffic Department.

“Persons placing signs on the roadway has always been a challenge for the Traffic Department,” the Traffic Chief said during this week’s ‘Police and You’ programme.

“Our laws are always clear, the Commissioner of Police, the Mayor and City Council and also Ministry of Public Works, those are the authorities as it relates to placing signs and road markings on our roadways,” the Traffic Chief added.

It would be deemed an illegal act by any other persons to place signs on the roadways.

And the Traffic Department has been clamping down on persons who have erected signs in front of their properties.

“I had some engagements with persons who would have placed some signs on the road and have them removed, so persons are reporting and we have been able to take action,” the Traffic Chief stated.

Persons are being urged to contact the Traffic Department and report such incidents.

However, it is important to note that if signs are placed on private properties, the Traffic Department will not get involved.

“…if it is a public road and the issue arises and it is reported the police will intervene.”

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