House collapses with elderly couple inside


An elderly couple from No. 64 Village, Corentyne, Berbice narrowly escaped death after their wooden home collapsed while they were asleep.

Parbattie Boodhoo called “Sisto” and her bedridden husband Natool Madray are currently staying at a neighbours house. Boodhoo said she was in bed when she realised the house was going to collapse and so jumped out from a window.

According to Kevin Doodnauth, a neighbour, it was around midnight Thursday when he heard a loud noise. Upon checking, he saw that the house collapsed. He said the woman and her husband were trapped under the rubble and neighbours rushed out of their homes to assist.

The elderly couple suffered no injuries but they are now left without a home to live in. The neighbour disclosed that the couple appear not to have any relatives since no-one visits them or assists them. He added that they are poor and desperately need assistance following the unfortunate incident.

Doodnauth disclosed that the couple has been living at the house for over 20 years but noted that the house deteriorated over a period of time. Doonauth is providing temporary shelter to them until their home can be fixed again.

He says he feels obligated to assist since no-one takes care of them and that he is willing to do so until their home can be fixed.

Anyone willing to help out the elderly couple can make contact with Kevin on 658-2899.

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