‘Love for race cars’: Young entrepreneur launches unique wristwatch line


A local small business owner has partnered with international watch companies to create a one of a kind watch bearing his company logo.

20-year-old Brandon DeCambra, the owner of Brandon’s Divine Classics, an online gift shop, told the News Room that the watches he unveiled earlier this month were inspired by his love for race cars.

The car fanatic said that he has always enjoyed observing cars, which inspired this project.

The watches are sapphire mirror stainless steel with a sports car wheel hub, brake pads, calipers and a prototype dial that adds a 3D structure.

DeCambra worked along with companies in China and Europe to ensure that every detail about these watches would make them a BCD brand, a tagline birthed from his initials.

I wanted basically a brand I can call my own, so I went into that challenge.”

“I communicated with people from the UK, US, and China and we made this dream come true,” DeCambra said.

“I created something that has never been done in Guyana before. I basically branded something that is manufactured and then shipped to Guyana with my brand on it.”

Brandon DeCambra, owner of Brandon’s Divine Classics

He said the watch has the logo inside and out with parts inside bearing the logo to ensure that persons cannot take the design and sell it as another.

He explained that he reached out to the only two companies that create the rims watches with these designs and he was able to obtain copyrights for the design.

“My watches are not designed as theirs and they are not designed as mine,” he explained.

DeCambra added that he worked with these companies for a year brainstorming the design and concept.

He added that a small batch of watches was shipped to Guyana, but he intends to expand with the passage of time.

The young businessman said that the response to the watches has been great, something that has encouraged him to continue making the brand.

He said that the 25 pieces that he manufactured were sold out within two weeks. Another batch will be made available in the next two months. The factory takes about three months to produce his product.

DeCambra started his online gift shop while he was working fulltime with another company.

This was in 2019, but he has faced challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and having to find a balance between juggling work and his business.

Working all day and then returning home to focus on his business was difficult, but he said he is happy that he did not give up.

“It was very difficult because working from 8-5 or 9-5 is very difficult, you hardly get time on your hands so I had to make use with what I had.”

“After work I had to do research until I fully developed and then I transitioned and everything worked out smoothly,” De Cambra said.

The young entrepreneur said his services are not limited to watches. He intends to expand his services to create sunglasses and other items.

Brandon’s Divine Classics can be contacted on 613-3276.

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