GFF members show overwhelming support in adopting statute reform


See below press release by the Guyana Football Federation

The nationwide membership of regional associations, clubs and affiliate associations of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) on Saturday voted by majority to reform the statues that govern the administration of football in Guyana.

The reform process, which aligns the GFF’s operational regulations with the governance standards and rules of Concacaf and FIFA, was the result of several months of national consultation following an official request from the world governing body of football.

GFF President Wayne Forde

At the 2022 GFF Extraordinary Congress, held at the GFF National Training Centre, 13 members voted for the amendments, with one member voting against and another choosing to abstain.

“The process was conducted with the full oversight of FIFA and Concacaf every step of the way,” said GFF President Wayne Forde.

“At every stage, the members of the GFF participated fully in this exercised and it was therefore no surprise that they made an informed decision after having the revised Statutes in their possession for twenty one days. Everything that we do here at the GFF is done with complete openness and transparency.”

Howard McIntosh, Head of ONE Concacaf and Caribbean Projects at Concacaf, said the reform process was “an alignment with international best practices that allow for good governance”.

“This is not an exercise unique to Guyana. All 211 countries within FIFA and 41 countries in Concacaf have to do this alignment,” McIntosh said. “We are very, very happy with what is happening in Guyana in terms of the Guyana Football Federation and their administration of the game.”

The reforms included:

  • All 10 Elite League clubs will be GFF members
  • Provision has been made for the Barima-Waini Football Association (BWFA) to become the 10th GFF regional association
  • Limits on presidential service of three total terms in office, to align with FIFA and Concacaf term limits and reforms
  • GFF Council must contain at least two female members
  • The GFF annual budget was also approved by its membership.

Andrea Johnson, President of the Guyana National Women’s Football Association and Chair of the Statutes Review Committee, said the reform process would further strengthen good governance of the GFF and leave a “proud” legacy for the entire membership.

“At every step of this review, under the auspices of FIFA and Concacaf, it has been characterized by transparency and opportunities for the involvement of all the membership,” Johnson said.

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