‘Integrated deterrence’ important to confront security threats in the Western Hemisphere


Security threats confronting countries like Guyana in the Western Hemisphere demand that the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and other domestic security forces partner and work together.

This is according to U.S. Army General and Commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Laura Richardson.

During a press briefing on Tuesday at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown, General Richardson spoke about “integrated deterrence” which according to her is a strong network of all partnerships that encompasses the security and defence forces, non-government organisations, industries, and joint services all working together for a “free, secure and prosperous western hemisphere.”

According to National Defense, a business and technology magazine, integrated deterrence also means that the US will not only rely on US military strength to prevent adversaries from attacking.

“The threats and the challenges that we have are only getting more creative and so the better that we can work together to make all of us stronger, make the neighbourhood safer, we have to do that because we are like-minded countries and we believe in the power of partnership,” General Richardson said.

She related that Guyana has already been a leader with the hosting of Exercise Tradewinds, a SOUTHCOM sponsored, multinational, Caribbean security exercise.

“You just look at the leadership that Guyana exposes, is just really tremendous,” General Richardson stated.

General Richardson is in Guyana for a two-day visit to meet with the government and defense leaders for talks on the bilateral security partnership between the United States and Guyana.

She attended the Caribbean Women Peace and Security Conference being held at the Marriott Hotel.

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