Waterborne diseases, absence of doctor worry Eteringbang residents affected by flooding


Residents living at flood-affected Eteringbang, a mining community located along the Cuyuni River in Region Seven, are worried about the possibility of contracting waterborne diseases and the absence of medical personnel to respond.

On Tuesday, Chief Medical Officer Dr Narine Singh assured the media that a doctor will arrive in the community soon.

Dr Singh confirmed that the only doctor in the area has gone on leave but he assured that another doctor is expected to arrive in the community soon.

During a telephone interview with the News Room, he said, “We are aware the person [doctor] is on leave and someone has to go in.

“The person is being prepared, the person has been notified already,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Narine Singh

The Chief Medical Officer could for how much longer the absence of a doctor will continue.

Over 500 residents living in the area, along with their businesses, are being affected by the flooding.

While the doctor is away, persons living in the community, including children, who have been infected with waterborne diseases are not being treated.

According to the Regional Chairman, Kenneth Williams, the situation is very traumatic for persons living there. He said that because of the flood, residents are becoming sick with waterborne diseases.

Regional Chairman, Kenneth Williams

“It still is very traumatic… unfortunately for us, the doctor is on leave, so the health post is inoperable.”

“The army medic is overwhelmed because people are coming with rashes and waterborne diseases,” the Chairman said.

He noted that the flooding which started last week is yet to return to normal. A team from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) arrived over the weekend and provided some relief to the flood hit residents.

“Some relief stuff were sent in by the CDC and the government of Guyana but there are still some situations that need help right now,” Williams said.

Kaikan, Eteringbang and Arrau have experienced severe inundation after heavy rainfall and high tides hit the areas.

According to the Guyana Hydromet, occasional cloudy skies, scattered showers and thundershowers are expected to continue for the next 12 hours.

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