New Amsterdam gas station robbed of $125k


The C. Mohabir and Sons gas station at New Amsterdam, Region Six, was robbed of $125,000 by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

The owner of the gas station son, Krishna Mohabir, told reporters that he received a call sometime after 23:00hrs on Sunday that the station had been robbed.

The pump attendant on duty informed him that one of the men was wearing a surgical mask while the other was wearing a hoodie and a ski mask.

The one with the surgical mask pretended to be a customer and said he was there to buy kerosene.

When the employee attempted to sell him, the suspect instead demanded that he hand over all the cash.

“He told me that two gun man, one come for kero and one was lookout. When he ask how much kero he want, the guy said he don’t want kero; he told him to give all the money he get,” Mohabir disclosed.

The suspects escaped in the direction of Main and Charlotte Street, New Amsterdam and a report was subsequently filed at the Central police station, located next door.

A probe has been launched.

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