Accused nursing fraudster now poses as medical doctor


Nanda Kissoon, who is accused of operating several bogus nursing schools and medical schools between 2009 and 2016, is now suspected to be impersonating a registered medical practitioner.

The woman, who has several aliases including Gita Kissoon, Juan Singh, Johanna Gray, Juan Craig and Nandranie Kissoon, is now believed to be pretending to be Dr Kavita Singh, who is the former Coordinator of the Ministry of Health’s Chronic Diseases Department.

The Medical Council of Guyana issued a notice in the local newspapers on Monday and stated:

“The general public is hereby informed that no application has ever been made to the medical council by Ms. Kavita Singh aka Nanda Kissoon. Anyone with knowledge of her practice can make contact with the Medical Council of Guyana via email address:”

Chairman of the Medical Council, Dr Rabindranauth Rambarran, further told the News Room the Council received reports that Kissoon was seen at recent medical outreaches and reportedly told persons that she was Dr Singh.

“We got information that this person Nanda Kissoon was using the alias and assumingly treating persons on medical outreaches,” Dr Rambarran related.

Since the Council is responsible for the regulatory practices of medical practitioners, a notice was published.

“It is a matter of public safety and to let them know that this person, who is purporting to be a doctor is not registered with the Council for practice,” Dr Rambarran explained.

He told the News Room that the matter has not yet been reported to the police, but said once there is enough evidence that Kissoon is indeed impersonating Dr Singh, a report will be made.

“Anyone who is not a registered medical practitioner and purports to treat patients is endangering the lives of patients,” Dr Rambarran said.

Mikhail McLennan

Meanwhile, a similar matter surfaced in July this year, regarding a man who pretended to be a doctor.

Mikhail McLennan gained popularity after the Guyana Cancer Foundation exposed him for pretending to be a medical practitioner. A police investigation is underway and according to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Narine Singh, he could face criminal charges.

McLennan joined the Guyana Cancer Foundation in June 2022 but when the founder and president Bibi Hassan questioned him about his Medical Degree, he reportedly refused to produce a copy.

The Foundation also released McLennan’s curriculum vitae with several inaccuracies. All the universities he said he attended have all denied that he was ever a student.

That CV stated that he is a former student at Queen’s College, the country’s top secondary school, Texila American University and a student at the University of Guyana.

But Queen’s College, UG and Texila have denied that he attended the institutions.

There are claims that McLennan also secured jobs at private health facilities and even treated someone wrongfully in the past. On his CV, he also claimed to have worked at the Georgetown and New Amsterdam Public Hospitals.

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