Labour Minister warns oil and gas recruitment companies over unethical employment


With labour demands in the oil and gas sector growing, Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton is warning recruitment companies against unethical employment standards.

The Labour Ministry and the International Organization for Migration have embarked on several workshops to educate employers about the systems and policies that should be followed when employing migrants living in Guyana.

It was during a workshop on Tuesday focused on ethical recruitment, that the Minister addressed issues within the recruitment drive here.

Persons who participated in the ethical recruitment workshop (Photo: MoL/September 6,2022)


The Minister highlighted the ways that well established companies take advantage of migrants living in Guyana. Hence, his ministry welcomed these workshops where companies can be informed of the steps they must take when recruiting persons for work.

He stressed that “contract size and style is not determined based on where a person is coming from, based on the texture of their hair and the color of their skin.”

“We at the Ministry of Labour will do everything possible to protect everyone that works in this place they call the Co-operative Republic of Guyana,” the Labour Minister promised.

Employment agencies must be clear when they call upon people to place them somewhere to ensure there aren’t misguided notions and understanding of the employment. “You have a responsibility to outline that as clear as it can be to every person that you engage and seek a place to get a job,” the Minister said.

He reminded that companies must have registration with the Central Recruitment and Manpower agency. This agency is responsible for collecting information which is shared between employers and persons seeking employment.

The Minister said a regular occurrence with oil and gas recruitment is the third party policy makers. Something that should not be encouraged or abided with in ethical recruitment.

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