Cousins stabbed at Charity


Rolin Benn and his cousin Kunraj Benn, both of Charity Extension Scheme, Essequibo Coast were on Tuesday beaten and stabbed at Charity Public Road.

According to Police Headquarters, at approximately 01:30hrs the victims along with a female were at Joey’s stall imbibing alcohol when they were approached by a male who requested them to purchase a beer for him, which they refused to do.

Another male then approached the gathering and dealt Rolin several blows to his head while his accomplice threw a beer bottle at the fisherman, causing him to receive injuries to his face.

A man only known as ‘Chicken’ then dealt Rolin a stab with a scissors to his back and in the process, one of the suspects robbed him of $25,000 while ‘Chicken’ took robbed him of a ZTE cellular phone valued at $25,000.

Police reported that Rolin fell to the ground and was further assaulted by several other persons. In an attempt to stop the assault, the fisherman’s cousin Kunraj was stabbed to his chest area by one of the attackers.

Both victims sought medical attention at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital, where they were seen by a doctor on duty. Rolin Benn was treated and sent away while his cousin Kunraj Benn was admitted a patient and later transferred to the Suddie Public Hospital, where his condition is listed as stable.

Police noted that a report was made by one of the victims and checks were made for the suspects. Contact was made and the suspects were positively identified as the two persons who assaulted the victims.

As a result, both of the accused were cautioned, arrested and taken into custody.

Investigations are ongoing.

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