The ‘road’ to success: The E’bo girl who endured tedious travels to conquer CSEC


Chavelle Solomon, a student of the Anna Regina Multilateral School on the Essequibo Coast, is among the top performers at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination.

She wrote 21 subjects, securing 19 Grade One passes and two Grade Two.

Like many of her colleagues, that feat involved an enormous amount of effort and dedication.

For Solomon though, there was another factor to consider: she lived at Supenaam, but attended classes and after-school lessons at Anna Regina.

With those two places almost at opposite ends of the Coast, it meant that the young woman had her work cut out.

It meant travelling far, early in the morning and then again, late in the night- after a long day of classes and lessons.

“I had to prioritise things.

“I had lessons and schools, so I had to schedule up to a certain time because I live at Supenaam, so I had a certain hour I had to go home,” Solomon told the News Room during an interview at her school.

She added modestly, “But it was okay.”

Chavelle Solomon in conversation with the News Room’s Vishani Ragobeer (Photo: News Room/ September 6, 2022)

For her, what was crucial to her success was prioritising and planning well to guarantee her success.

Her interest in all of the subjects was also a plus; she only did the subjects she wanted to learn about and was comfortable pursuing.

Her mother, Dorinda Roberts, who is a teacher at the Aurora Secondary School, said that the family was keen on providing whatever support was necessary.

First, that meant supporting Solomon’s pursuit of 18 subjects. Then, when that number increased to 21, the family remained steadfast in their support.

Fortunately, the family and Solomon’s teachers were confident in her abilities. She was credited as being a high flyer since Form One.

And despite expected nerves before the announcement of the results on Monday, Roberts knew Solomon would perform exceptionally.

With these results, the young woman now looks forward to a career in medicine.

Importantly too, like many of her colleagues at the Anna Regina school, she hopes that her academic pursuits would be enough to get her a scholarship.

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