Businessman charged with cocaine trafficking refused bail


Businessman Michael Andrew Morgan, who was charged with cocaine trafficking in June, was refused bail by High Court Judge Justice Gino Persaud.

Justice Persaud, in a recent ruling, found that no special reasons existed for the granting of bail after he considered an application made before the Court.

Morgan’s Counsel Glenn Hanoman, in his oral arguments, advanced that the application for bail in the High Court is based on “unreasonable delay” and that the prosecution had sought an adjournment on the ground that the analyst report was not yet completed.

That report was, however, completed.

Hanoman also advanced that the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) has evidential problems including establishing a nexus but Justice Persaud found that these evidential issues are not relevant factors to be taken into consideration for the grant of bail.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor argued that no special reasons were advanced or shown that warrants the ground of bail. She has also argued that the matters raised by Hanoman are contentious issues of fact suitable for trial and not a bail hearing.

She has also contended that there has been no delay but an argument of presumed delay in the future. Justice Persaud agreed with these arguments.

The accused was charged on 29 June, 2022 and the next court date for continuation is 27 September, 2022. As such, Justice Persaud reasoned that it is premature at this stage to argue unreasonable delay.

Morgan, the brother of Peter Morgan – a deportee and convicted drug trafficker – was arrested in June by CANU officer.

In a brief statement, CANU said it conducted an operation at the man’s Eccles, East Bank Demerara home where a quantity of cocaine and ammunition was found.

No other details were released by CANU.

The News Room understands that Andrew had been on CANU’s radar for some time and was being investigated for several drug deliveries.

His brother, Peter, was released from a prison in the United States in 2015 and deported to Guyana and has since been monitored as part of the Crimes Prevention Act which allows the police to keep a close watch on those who would have been deported to this country.

Peter is listed in several online articles as being a close associate of former drug kingpin Roger Khan who was also nabbed and served time in a United States prison.

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