Two men busted with 24.4 grams of cocaine in glass tubes


Andre Gomes called ‘Zipper’, 61, and Mark Gomes, 38, were arrested on Friday after officers from the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) found 24.4 grams of cocaine at their premises.

A release from CANU noted that a search was conducted at Lots 32 and 34 Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, on Friday. Lot 34 Craig Street, Campbellville, is known to be a drug yard, CANU highlighted.

When officers searched both properties, transparent glass tubes labelled lidocaine were discovered and a quantity of substances suspected to be cocaine.

The two suspects were arrested and escorted to CANU headquarters along with the suspected substances and the quantity of transparent glass tubes. The substances tested positive for cocaine and had a total weight of 24.4 grams.

Importantly, it was noted that these two suspects were previously arrested and charged by CANU for trafficking in narcotics.

CANU said investigations are ongoing.

It was, however, noted that to ensure that children are safeguarded from illegal drugs, the unit will continue to undertake similar operations on known drug yards that are in close proximity to schools.

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