NAMILCO U-17 Intra-Association kicks off in the city; wins for Camptown and Conquerors


The Georgetown Football Association (GFA) kicked off the Guyana Football Federation (GFF)-NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Power National Under-17 Intra-Association League in style last weekend, with an official team march-past.

On the opening day, Camptown FC and Fruta Conquerors opened their accounts with impressive victories.

The competition is the latest edition of the nationwide Under-17 collaboration between the National Milling Company of Guyana (NAMILCO) and the GFF, which has supported the personal and sporting development of more than 1,000 boys across the country since its inception.

GFF President Wayne Forde and NAMILCO Marketing Supervisor Alicia Anderson greet the players before kick-off (Photo: GFF)

“This is the first partnership that we launched back in 2016, and this partnership has endured for almost seven years,” GFF President Wayne Forde said after the official march-past of all the GFA competing teams before the opening match at the GFF National Training Centre.

“The National Milling Company has been patient, they have been committed, and they have shown an interest beyond the reciprocating value that they expect from the investment that they are making into your lives,” Forde told the assembled players.

In the first two matches for the GFA leg of the tournament, Camptown routed Black Pearl 5-0, while Fruta Conquerors defeated Georgetown FC 3-1.

Battling for possession (Photo: GFF)

“I want to congratulate the Guyana Football Federation for taking this initiative and also to NAMILCO, our company, for having this tournament,” said NAMILCO Marketing Supervisor Alicia Anderson.

“Think big and think positive,” Anderson told the competing teams. “Use this tournament as an opportunity to build your discipline and to implement it in your life because it can impact yourself, your family and your community.”

GFA General Secretary Adrian Barrow thanked NAMILCO for its ongoing support to the development of youth football, and urged the players to make the most of the experience.

“We are looking forward to having a fantastic tournament,” said Barrow.

“Discipline is a huge part of this game on and off the field – that is something as an association that we are very keen to ensure is at the heart of what we do.”

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