Retired cop arrested after businessman abducted, robbed millions for ‘owing’ suspects


A 35-year-old businessman of Belmont, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara was reportedly abducted and robbed of $3.6 million worth of gold and diamond jewelry on Monday night.

Police Headquarters reported that Jagdesh Mangal was made to sign a note that he owed the two suspects $900,000. Investigations by the Police revealed that Mangal knew the suspects and that there was an ongoing dispute over a sum of money.

Police said a retired police officer, who was also part of the daring robbery and abduction, was arrested while the two other suspects remain at large.

According to reports, Mangal was at a popular bar at Station Street, Kitty, Georgetown when the suspects approached him in a vehicle at about 19:00hrs. The suspects started assaulting Mangal and told him “that they wanted their money.”

The retired cop was then heard telling the suspects to take Mangal away from the bar.

The businessman was forced into the back seat of the vehicle. He claimed that while in the vicinity of Vlissengen Road, he was robbed at gunpoint of a gold and diamond band valued G$1.5 million, one black diamond with gold ring valued G$1.2 million and one gold chain valued G$900,000.

Mangal was then taken to the home of one of the suspects where he held at gunpoint and forced to sign the note stating that he owed the suspects.

The businessman was taken to a hotel on Church Street, where he was ordered out of the vehicle.

The matter was subsequently reported to the Brickdam Police Station.

Detectives who visited the bar at Station Street questioned several persons including the proprietor, who related that she was in the kitchen area of the bar when she heard a commotion. Upon investigating, she saw the two suspects cuffing the victim, placed him into a car and drove away.

The woman further told the ranks that she called on the retired policeman to intervene, but he refused.

Footage from several CCTV cameras is yet to be reviewed as investigations continue.

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