Annai residents get water for first time with commissioning of $26M well


See full press release from Ministry of Housing and Water:

More than four hundred and seventy (470) residents of Annai village, Region Nine will now benefit from first time access to potable water, following the commissioning of a $26 million water supply system.

The system was commissioned on Thursday, by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, who was joined by Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock; Hinterland Service Director of the Guyana Water Inc, Ramchand Jailal; Toshao of Annai, Mike Williams and other councilors. 

The new well (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/September 15, 2022)

Minister Croal in his address noted that the commissioning of the well is a testament of how the Government of Guyana operates as it relates to honoring its commitment for the development of all Guyanese. 

“Development must reach you wherever you are in the 83,000 square miles, we came and we heard your complaints and we are back here to commission your new systems, which is testament of how we operate as a government.”

He added that this new system and the upgrade of the other has now brought coverage of potable water in the community to 98%.

The Minister also stated that the government through his Ministry will continue to work with all communities to ensure that they enjoy and tap into the abundant resources of the country. 

“We will continue to bridge the gap between the hinterland and coastland in every sector and we will ensure that we strive to meet the SDG, which speaks to water and sanitation for all”. 

Meanwhile, the Project was welcomed by the Toshao and Regional Chairman who shared the sentiment that this was long overdue. 

Under this project, 2 new wells were dug within the community, 1250 meters of 2-inch distribution network was installed, along with 1400 meters of 4-inch distribution network and 500 meters of 19mm service mains installed. Additionally, the two wells were interconnected, a perimeter fence was constructed and photovoltaic systems were installed. 

The village of Annai (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/September 15, 2022)

The project was funded by the Government of Guyana to the tune of GY$ 26,098,040, over a six-month period. 

Annai is home to approximately 721 residents. The community was previously served by a shallow hand-dug well. Water was being pumped to an elevated metal trestle and distributed to the nearby residents through a 2-inch PVC distribution network. The water from the hand-dug well would deplete due to the seasonal changes and the storage tanks were leaking.

Approximately 45% of the community received water. In the dry season this percentage reduced drastically leaving the residents to walk long distances to access water from the nearby creek.

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