Mandela fatal accident: Truck driver breached traffic light


The sand truck driver, a 44-year-old man of Supply, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara who was involved in the horrific Mandela Avenue smashup, is claiming that the victim drove into his path. But CCTV footage shows that the truck driver failed to stop at the traffic light.

Nigel Cush, 45, a father of four of Roxanne Burnham Gardens in Georgetown died at the scene of the crash early on Thursday.

The accident occurred at about 01:30hrs at the junction of Mandela Avenue and Vlissengen Road, Police Headquarters reported.

The truck driver claims that he was proceeding east along the northern carriageway on Mandela Avenue and observed Cush proceeding south along Vlissengen Road.

Dead: Nigel Cush

The truck driver is claiming that the traffic light at the junction was green and so he continued driving. He told investigators that he saw when Cush slowed while approaching Mandela and drove into his path.

However, CCTV footage that captured the entire accident shows that the light was red when the truck driver slammed into Cush.

The footage shows that the traffic light had only given the go-ahead signal for Cush and so he began crossing the road.

According to the police, the truck driver said he applied brakes and swerved in a south-eastern direction but the left front portion of the truck collided with Cush.

CCTV footage shows that the truck driver failed to stop at the traffic light.

As a result, Cush’s car slammed into a stop light pole and due to the impact, he was flung through the front windscreen of the car and died at the scene.

He was placed into an ambulance and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Police said a breathalyzer test conducted on the truck driver showed no trace of alcohol.

He is presently in police custody assisting with the investigation.

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  1. Matthew says

    Dead men tell no tales…….lucky for cameras….but he is still dead.

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